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If the voices of the oppressed hold less weight than the voices of the privileged,
Do not tell us all lives matter.
If the voices of the oppressed are swiftly dismissed as invalid or insignificant,
Do not tell us you have compassion.
If the voices of the oppressed are not heavily factored into your decisions,
Do not tell us you love your neighbor.

Your unwillingness to recognize the severity of our state is a direct dismissal of its most vulnerable people. Your unwillingness to learn what life is like for someone less privileged than you is a testament to your…

“Am I Not a Man and a Brother?”, 1787 medallion designed by Josiah Wedgwood.

Juneteenth is re-surging as a day of celebration for black Americans. While it’s great that we’re starting to acknowledge it at large, I believe the people who originally celebrated it had a more optimistic vision of the years to come. Now that we know what eventually transpired, I would like to propose that, rather than a day of Celebration, it instead be acknowledged as a day of education and action for white Americans, and a day of rest for black Americans.

Of course, I have no business telling black Americans how they should spend the day, but I think it…

Screenshot of Candace Owens explaining why she does not support George Floyd.

I started seeing a video circling around of Candace Owens condemning recent protests, which she states aim to paint George Floyd as a hero. During this video she elaborates on his criminal history, and expresses frustration with the black community for rallying behind men with criminal backgrounds like his.

It’s not that she doesn’t make some good points, but there are serious fallacies in her presentation. …

Nicole Thérèse Aboujaoudé

Nicole is a writer, filmmaker, social justice advocate, and Christian who aims to expose corruption in government, corporations, and religious institutions.

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